Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Thanksgiving Baptism

After our Thanksgiving dinner, we traveled to San Pedro to attend a baptism. I was very impressed with a couple of things and took some pictures so I could remember them.
 First: the girl in the green shirt is the one who was baptized. All around her stand the Young Women in her new ward. Each of them had on matching pink shirts with the 2013 YW theme on it. They were all wearing skirts - so they were properly dressed to attend and take part in celebrating this sacred ordinance. Each of them participated in the baptism - they gave prayers, lead the music, played the piano, gave talks, and sang a beautiful song that their advisers and the newly baptized girl also sang with them. I was so touched that these YW and their leaders are doing everything they can to welcome and love this new sister into their ranks.
 Second: This is the Bishop giving a talk. While he was speaking, his young daughter came in the door to his right. She had been playing in the hall and just needed to check and see if her father was still in "a meeting." As she came in the door, she was a little noisy and she reached out and grabbed her fathers arm and hand. He never paused or stopped speaking, but gently patted her head and pulled her next to him and gave her a little hug. Next thing you know she is right back in the hallway, door closed, and happily playing with her friends. I was deeply touched by this tender display of affection from a father to his daughter. He could have been upset that she interrupted him, the Bishop,  during his talk. He could have shooed her away or pulled his arm out of her reach telling her, "you must be quiet, I am in a meeting!" But instead he gave her just what she needed - reassurance and love. Instantly it became obvious to me of how my Heavenly Father lets me know He loves me. And although He is very busy, I will be comforted with just a gentle touch or the calming peace of the Spirit.
The Sister Missionaries who found and taught this young woman.
Sister Folau and Sister Saavedra, Sister Jones and Sister Dela Cruz.
The Sister Missionaries found the left over turkey dinner in the back of our car. This is a tailgating party Mormon Style!
(in a church parking lot after a baptism.)
Celestial Tailgating?

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