Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New Missionary Follow-Up

Time for the new missionary follow-up training. These missionaries have been in Cavite for 4 weeks and in the special care of their trainers. It was great to see them again and talk to them about their first couple of weeks.
Sister Barrameda, Sister Table, and Sister Dinglas
Elder Lagudas, Elder Alifante, Elder Fuster
Elder Diestro, Elder Padua, Elder Madamba,
Elder Pelelei
Sister Bricenio, Elders Touli, Ellaga, George, Lucena
Elder Pyle
Elder Christensen and Elder Santos
Elders Pyle, Lagudas, Alifante, Fuster
Sisters McBride, Williams, Ebdao, Bricenio
Assistants - Elder Sison and Elder Flitton
Elder Ruiz
Sister Luthy practices with Sister Palle
Sister Williams and Sister Ebdao
Sister Dinglas practices with her companions
Matching Ties
President Tye with Elder Mataele and Elder Hiatt
Sisters Palle, Luthy, Teava

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April Interviews

Knowing this will be our last interview with the elders and sisters in Cavite, I decided to make mini loaves of banana bread and carrot bread for each of them and talk about the Parable of the loaves and fishes. A a missionary, they bring all they have with them to serve the Lord; talent, testimony, dedication . . . and He will magnify their offering. But my favorite part is that when they are released, they will return home with MORE than what they came with! Perhaps it will be twelve baskets full. We are all truly blessed in this work!
I have only a few pictures of the six days of interviews. I hope you see your son or daughter!
 Just a few of the 120 loaves.
 Elder Fernandez
 Elder Mataele, Elder Palabrica, Elder Domingo
 Sister Petersen works on CLS during interviews
 Elder Prows and Elder Mangaoang
 Waiting for Sister Tye
 Elder Masiasomua, Elder Huber, Elder Macalia
Elder Petersen checks emergency funds and proper phone use with Elder Seeley and Elder Hiatt

Thursday, April 7, 2016

April MLC

I am going to miss having MLC in our home!
It is one of the greatest blessings we enjoy as we serve in the Philippines.
 Sisters Garcia, Livermore, Priest, Devi and Bishoff
 Elder Golden and Elder Ramos
 Elders Reyes, Alvarez, Golden, and Lorenzo
 Elder Pascual, Elder Nulud, Elder Aguillon
 Elder Flitton gets the projector and lap top ready.
 Sister Bishoff and Sister Devi teaching 
 Elder Palibrica did a perfect job of 'developing' his weight bearing structure.
 Elder Flitton helps Elder Sison with the activity.
 Sister Bishoff, Sister Priest, Sister Su'a
Developing Christlike Attributes activity.
Sisters Garcia, Livermore, Devi, Bishoff, Priest, Su'a,
Stevenson, and Brown 
 We tried Hawaiian Haystacks for lunch today. It was the first time most of the missionaries had ever heard of it.
 Speed OYM - always a great role play activity
 Elder Flitton, Elder Tanga-An, Sister Priest, Elder Palibrica, Elder Ramos
Elder Seeley 
 This is part of our anti-trunky August batch
Elder Aguinaldo and Elder Lagumbay