Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New Missionary Follow-Up

Time for the new missionary follow-up training. These missionaries have been in Cavite for 4 weeks and in the special care of their trainers. It was great to see them again and talk to them about their first couple of weeks.
Sister Barrameda, Sister Table, and Sister Dinglas
Elder Lagudas, Elder Alifante, Elder Fuster
Elder Diestro, Elder Padua, Elder Madamba,
Elder Pelelei
Sister Bricenio, Elders Touli, Ellaga, George, Lucena
Elder Pyle
Elder Christensen and Elder Santos
Elders Pyle, Lagudas, Alifante, Fuster
Sisters McBride, Williams, Ebdao, Bricenio
Assistants - Elder Sison and Elder Flitton
Elder Ruiz
Sister Luthy practices with Sister Palle
Sister Williams and Sister Ebdao
Sister Dinglas practices with her companions
Matching Ties
President Tye with Elder Mataele and Elder Hiatt
Sisters Palle, Luthy, Teava

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