Monday, May 27, 2013

Your Potential, Your Privileges

Live to the potential that Heavenly Father wished for you when He presented His Plan. Happiness, peace, and joy is found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Shipping Day

I can't believe how fast the weeks are going by. Our moving coordinator notified us in March that we would be allowed up to 2400 lbs of household items to be sent to the mission home.
2400 pounds? Seriously?
I wondered how I would ever find enough stuff to equal that amount, or even come close to it.  Kim at Mesa Moving told me to just take the things that make me happy - and because of that, I may have come pretty close to that 2400 lb target. I packed family pictures, church pictures, towels, bedspreads, a sewing machine, books, Christmas decorations, and even our life size M&M guy. President Tye joked about shipping his motorcycle to the Philippines, but I singlehandedly hit the weight limit fine without it.
We asked our ward to donate short sleeve white shirts, belts, and socks for the local Filipino missionaries that will be assigned to our area. Our ward was more than generous with this service project - we even had one family that bought and donated 100 shirts from the local Mr. Mac store. The donations were also boxed up and added to our shipment.

Our things will now be transported to the Los Angeles Pier. There they will sit on the dock and wait to be loaded on a
"Slow Boat To Manila!" 
UPDATE: I just learned that the Tye shipment weighed in at 1700 lbs. Maybe that means I can bring 700 more pounds back home from the Philippines in 2016. Ha-Ha! I'm just kidding, dear.