Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mission President Seminar

The most exciting and long-awaited event of the year for a Mission President and wife is the Mission President Seminar. It's a time to strengthen eternal relationships with dear friends who, by the way, are the most amazing people on the earth. We have all become the dearest of friends through this calling. In the evenings when all scheduled meetings for the day are over, those who arrived with us the end of June 2013: 
President and Sister Reeder
President and Sister Tanner
President and Sister Rahlf
all meet in one of the bedrooms and sit and talk for hours. The sisters sit on the bed sharing ideas, giggling, looking at pictures, and comparing medical woes of the elders and sisters. The Presidents are gathered in their own conversation, comparing notes on obedience and mission goals/totals. Together we are stronger because we have the love and support of each other.
 I will forever love these couples!
 President and Sister Rahlf and President and Sister Reeder.
Sister Tanner and I checking out a quilt.
(Those cute men in the white shirts and ties in the background are our sweethearts.)
 This is a view from our balcony towards Manila.
This is the view towards the ocean and hotel pool. We stayed at the Sofitel Plaza, Manila. Our room was on the 10th floor.
The afternoon before the Seminar started, I took some time out for pampering. President Tye recorded the moment. 

FYI: I had 2 women working on me at the same time, I felt so spoiled. Then I noticed that the lady sitting next to me had 5 doing her hair and 2 giving her a pedicure at the same time. I think she was an actress or someone important. She kept asking the owner, "Now you promise this will not hurt my hair? I want the foil out right now if it is going to make it ugly." He told her that it may make her hair a little dry but she only needed it done this one time. 
Oh my goodness, I love beauty shop chatter!

On our last day, the Area Presidency, Area Seventy, and Mission Presidents were busy talking business so these beautiful ladies had a picture with me. How lucky am I?
Sitting: Sister Reeder (Naga Mission), Sister Ferrin (wife of Area IFR), Sister Andaya (Tacloban Mission)
Standing: Sister Rahlf (Cauayan Mission), Me!, Sister Nielson (wife of Area President), Sister Tanner (Cebu East)

I'm ending this post by showing pictures I took of the sunset on the last evening of Mission President Seminar. It was beautiful!
 Paalam, Ingat Po!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Missionary Orientation

Transfer day started with the arrival of 21 new missionaries from the Manila MTC and 1 from Provo. With all of them together at the mission office, we had a small breakfast, interviews, and then crossed the street to have Orientation at the Molino Chapel. Just before lunch the new missionaries were introduced to their trainers.
 I love that Sister Aguinaldo (above) and Sister Raterta (below) are wearing their YW medallions.
 Elder Peligro with his trainer Elder Hora
 Sister Gecaraya with her trainer Sister Clifton
 Elder Caliguiran with his trainer Elder Fisher
 Elder Manabat with his trainer Elder Tumala
 Sister Raterta with her trainer Sister Davey
Sister Wellayan is training Sister Ballatan
Elder Del Rosario with his trainer Elder Atkinson 
 Elder Oakden is training Elder Nicolas
Sister Semilota with her trainer Sister Vanfleet  
 Elder Calpito with his trainer Elder Cornelius

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Welcome Sign

Twenty - Two
new missionaries arrived to the Philippines Cavite Mission today. After interviews and orientation were over, we decided that this is going to be a great batch. They are strong, dedicated, and ready to go to work!
Sister Aguinaldo 
 Sister Bihag
 Sister Dizon
Sister Bodota
Sister Lao 
Sister Raterta 
 Sister Batingal
 Sister Gecaraya
Sister Sala 
 Sister Semilota
 Sister Kaio
Sister Sani Obrien
 Sister Ballatan
 Sister Va'enuku
Elder Nicolas
 Elder Manabat
 Elder Pedong
Elder Villanueva
 Elder Caliguran
 Elder Peligro
 Elder Calpito
Elder Del Rosario

I love the "sun bubble" that is surrounding their feet in every picture. It's almost like those feet are in a protective sphere because they are going to get a big workout for the next 18 - 24 months. I would say that they are magically receiving strength and endurance.