Friday, December 14, 2012

A Day In November - 2012

On Thursday November 29, I had just started wrapping Christmas presents when the telephone rang. For a brief moment I considered not answering it. I had just settled down on the floor and was surrounded by ribbon and wrapping paper. But I noticed that caller ID said the call was from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Since Doug was serving as a Bishop of a YSA Ward at the time, I was positive it was a call for him so I decided it was probably best to answer the phone. When I picked it up the woman on the other end asked, "Is this Sister Tye? Elder Ballard would like to meet with you and your husband on Tuesday December 11th. Will you be available on that date?" Wait, THE Elder Ballard?
I really can't remember anything that was said after that moment, but I will never forget the sensation of warmth and chills that instantly cursed through my body. "Being on fire" is the best way to explain the way I felt. I have no doubt that it was the Spirit bearing witness to me that Doug was going to be called as a Mission President and our lives were going to change.
I immediately called Doug and told him the news. He asked what day our appointment was and I wasn't sure. I guess while I was having a life changing experience with the spirit, Elder Ballard's secretary was telling me what day and time our appointment would be. I was kind of numb and couldn't remember much of anything. Doug had to call Elder Ballard's office twice to double check on the date and time because I was most definitely DAZED! 
 On Tuesday December 11th, Doug and I met with Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Sitting with him in his office was an amazing experience. He is the most kind, humble, and gentle person I have ever spoken to, and we instantly felt like we had known him for years. It felt like we were sitting and talking to a dear friend. He told us up front not to be worried, we were just being considered as Mission President and companion. (Not Worry?) He asked us a few personal questions about our children, our parents, and the availability of leaving employment for 3 years.  As we left his office, he told us that the First Presidency decides and issues the call to be a Mission President. "I would count on it," he said. "But, if you do not hear anything by Jan. 5th, you let me know and I will check on it."