Monday, September 28, 2015

Senior Couples: Coming And Going

Paalam Po Elder and Sister Richards
It is sad when a Senior Couple leaves us to return home. They have such a huge spiritual influence on the members and the missionaries. Many will miss Elder and Sister Richards - their love is unconditional and they worked hard while here to help the mission run smoothly. We are thankful for them and their desire to give 19 months to love and serve the people within our mission. 
Happy Birthday Sister Richards
Just one more picture - before they head to the airport. Ingat!

Welcome To Our New Senior Couples
Elder and Sister Simon
Elder and Sister Harvey
The Simon's and the Harvey's arrived ready to work and serve, serve, serve. They LOVE the missionaries! They LOVE the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We can already see what great examples they will be to the members and to the missionaries. Add this to the great work and dedicated service of Elder and Sister Petersen who arrived 8 months ago, and we are three senior couples strong! President Tye and I call them our "Mighty Six!"  But blessings are still coming our way, our numbers are still growing. We will receive two more senior couples within the next two months. By the end of November, we will be calling our senior couples the "The Magnificent Ten." We are so thankful that they are here and we love them dearly!
Sister and Elder Simon
 In the truck and ready to take on the Filipino traffic.
 Elder and Sister Harvey arrive at the mission office.
 Meeting Elder Santillan, one of the Assistants.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Transfer Day

Just a few pictures from transfer day.
 Elder Espiritu and Elder Lagumbay
Elder Muavesi before he leaves for home.

Elder Rogers and his trunky letter.
 Sister Stevenson and Elder Boam
 These elders just got their "White Envelope."
 Sister Talataiga and Sister Havili
Elder Puasan, Elder Villegas, and Elder Salimbot 
Elder Dela Cruz and Elder Lugo 
Elders' Roberts, Peligro, Lorenzo, and Flitton
 Last minute packing.
 Sister Lao just before heading home.
Sister Talataiga, Elder Arribas, and Sister Abasanta

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


What a blessing - Twenty more elders and sisters!

The first half of our new missionaries arrived at 7:30am, but the other half did not arrive until three hours later. We were all so worried! I think the driver took the long way here. Everyone was so happy when the second van arrived. 
Now, on with the pictures . . .

Meeting Their Trainers
Elder Villegas and Elder Heperi
Sister Materrn and Sister Abasanta
Sister Thomas and Sister Domingo
Sister Palle and Sister Su'a
Elder Jury and Elder Aguinaldo
Elder Nulud and Elder Hiatt
Sister Swanson and Sister Pacquiao
Sister Auava and Sister Baller
Elder Caliguiran and Elder Prows
Elder Boam and Elder Woodbury
Elder Cahan and Elder Diestro
Sister Manzano and Sister Devi
Elder Alvarez and Elder Huber
Sister San Diego and Sister Garcia
Sister Pacis and Sister Perez
Elder Paloma and Elder Richards
Sister Alapa and Sister Picar
Sister Talataiga and Sister Musni
Sister Cano and Sister Tamotu
Sister Ferrer and Sister Letele

Time for lunch

The September 2015 Batch