Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Welcoming New Missionaries

The Mighty March Batch

 Sister Williams and Sister Luthy
 Elder Palelei
President shakes hands with Elder Touli

At The Welcome Sign
 Don't they look great? A mighty group of 18 ready to serve the Lord!
 Sister Luthy
 Sister Dinglas - Visa waiter heading to Canada
 Sister Cacho - Visa waiter heading to Canada
 Sister Williams
 Sister Teava
Sister McBride 
Elder Valentino - Visa waiter heading to Canada
 Elder Pacula
 Elder Santos - Visa waiter heading to Canada
 Elder Magallano
Elder Ruiz 
Elder Salmos 
 Elder Palelei
 Elder Touli
Elder George 
 Elder Madamba
 Elder Fuster - Visa waiter heading to Canada
Elder Domingo

Orientation and Meeting Trainers
 Elder Harvey orients the new batch. 
 Sister Bricenio and Sister McBride
 Sister Ebdao and Sister Williams
 Sister Table, Sister Barrameda, and Sister Dinglas
 Sister Palle and Sister Luthy
 Sister Teava and Sister Zimmerman
 Sister Maravilla, Sister Cacho, and Sister Swansen
 Elder Hiatt and Elder Pacula
 Elder Pyle and Elder Magallano
 Elder Madamba and Elder Padua
 Elder Javier, Elder Valentino, and Elder Masiasomua
 Elder Palelei and Elder Lugo
 Elder Lagudas, Elder Fuster, Elder Alifante
Elder Lye and Elder Ruiz 
 Elder Diestro and Elder Salmos
Elder Yocte, Elder Santos, and Elder Lazaro
 Elder Mataele and Elder Domingo
 Elder George and Elder Lucena
 Elder Touli and Elder Ellaga

Transfer Day At The Mission Office
 Elder and Sister Simon, Elder Prows
 Elder Pascual, Elder Nulud, and Elder Javier
Elder Masiiasomua and Sister Bellita and in the background
Sister Swanson, Sister Brincenio, and Sister Zimmerman 
 Elders Manase, Lagudas, Balenvaikau, Hayag
Elders Guiral, Suamer, Espinosa
 Elder Broadbent
 Elder Gumantay and Elder Thoreson
 Sister Abrio and Sister Palle
 Sister Fernandez and Sister Bellita
 Elder Turirturi, Sister Ebdao, Sister Letele
 Elder Alifante, Elder Labitad, Elder Cook, and Elder Rodrigo
Elder and Sister Broadbent