Saturday, June 28, 2014

Zone Conference

We just finished three days of Zone Conference with 3-4 zones each day. The conference was dedicated to the scripture, 
"Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing; and establish a house . . . a house of order, a house of God" D&C 88:119

The Rigby's talked about ORDER in keeping apartments clean and bug free. They also demonstrated the proper way to change the water filter, and gave each apartment a new scrub brush to clean the filter's housing unit.

The Richards' focused on ORDER in the wards and branches by giving the missionaries lists of "Address Unknown" names to search for in their areas. Searching for the address unknown names will also be a wonderful finding tool for the elders and sisters!

The Davis' challenged the missionaries to have ORDER in their duties by reviewing how to fill out a BCR properly; emphasizing the benefits of the Language Study Program; and the different ways to define the term - 'head of household'.

The Assistants gave wonderful talks about maintaining ORDER in our life by avoiding the word "Someday" and be obedient "Today". They also talked about receiving strength to be obedient through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

The first word in D&C 88:119 is Organize. If you look at the footnote to this word, you will see 'family, finances'. I spoke to the missionaries about ways to have ORDER in using their support money. Each district was given play money in the amount of one support payment. They worked out a budget using the support and they were even tempted by the Budget Bandit. I reminded them that it is not Income they receive - but Support - there is a difference and its origin is sacred and must be used wisely.

President asked the missionaries to make ORDER a priority in their daily responsibilities. They should set goals first and then plan each day looking at their goals for guidance. They should be carrying and using referral cards at all times. He asked them to make the hours between 4:30 to 6:00 a finding time only - by using the listed ideas for Finding in PMG. He concluded his training by teaching all of us The Doctrine of Christ, verse by verse, word by word. It was a spiritual end to each day of conference. 

June 25 - Dasmariñas, San Gabriel, Silang
Some of the missionaries left before this picture was taken.

June 26 - Cavite, Carissa, Naic
The Budget Bandit is tempting the missionaries to use their support unwisely. 
 Gone to lunch

June 27 - Las Piñas, Muntinlupa, Bacoor, Molino 

Our next Zone Conference will be in September.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rainy Season Is Back!

The rain is back and things have cooled down a little here. In April and May we had a few days at 97-99 degrees. But two days ago I checked the temperature and it was 81 degrees plus 98% humidity. (Is 98% humidity even possible? Or is it just a way to let you know that you have 2% to go until your lungs fill with fluid? Ha-Ha!) So it is cooling down and going out for an early morning walk for exercise is pleasant. Today we are expecting a high of 88 degrees with 79% humidity.
I love the rainy season. The force of the downfall is beautiful to watch but like fire, water also has its bad side. Last week we had a missionary apartment flood because of a heavy downpour mixed with a clogged sewer line. The elders in the apartment had sewer water coming in through the CR drain. (bathroom) They spent the night with us at the Mission Home, and then the next day they scrubbed and cleaned the floor and walls 3x with Zonrox (Clorox) and sprayed Permethrin (bug killer). Other elders from their zone helped and the good news is - the landlord fixed the drain problem and their apartment is squeaky clean. 
The elders got in late the night they stayed at the Mission Home and they were hungry. They did laundry and found whatever they could to fill their tummies. They also ended up wearing President Tye's t-shirts until their clothes were clean.
Elder Tongi, Elder To'o, Elder Paloma
Elder Dennison was in the shower when this picture was taken. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

June MLC

MLC came right at the heels of transfer day this month. Usually transfer week alone will wipe us out because of all the activities with coming-in and going-home missionaries. Our househelp quit a month ago and keeping up with all the cleaning, food prep, plus the regular schedule of mission duties had me longing for a beach, a palm tree, and a good book! As you can imagine, President and I were very tired. But, the Lord gives us extra blessings of strength and endurance while we serve, and so MLC was a delightful end of a busy week.
My assignment for MLC is to introduce the monthly theme. President Tye and I came up with an equation for June:
Love + ? = Baptism

Each week during zone and district meetings, the elders will complete the equation with lessons and topics from Preach My Gospel. For example: 
Love + My Purpose = Baptism 
Love + Inspired Questions = Baptism
My challenge to them was to pray with all their energy to be FILLED with the pure love of Christ as they teach and serve.
Moroni advises us: 
"Wherefore, my beloved brethren, pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that ye may be filled with this love, which he hath bestowed upon all who are true followers of his Son, Jesus Christ; that ye may become the sons (and daughters) of God; . . ." Moroni 7:48
President spoke to the mission leaders about repentance and how important it is that the investigator understands that repentance comes before baptism.
Love + Teaching Repentance = Baptism
We have heard since that many of the missionaries have added
under their name on their phones. I love seeing them get excited and motivated in the monthly themes as they press forward in the work of the Lord.

I did not get a group picture of everyone this month, but here are the pics I took of our six hours together. 
 The Assistants are going through the stats of the mission.
 Ha-ha, this picture is not because we are going through the mission stats - these elders are not part of MLC, but happened to be at the mission home for another reason. This is what happens when you are at a six hour meeting that does not apply to you, and the fourth hour just started.
 Two of our Sister Training Leaders taught a lesson on the Book of Mormon and when they finished, they asked everyone to hold up their scriptures. This reminds me of my Primary days and watching the children sing, "Scripture Power!"
 This was not the dessert for MLC, but the elders found this cake in the refrigerator. It was half eaten when they found it - they were
"just helping out so I could wash the dish."
That was such a kind thing to do! (a few of the sisters joined in)

I like the next two pictures. They show the different personalities in our missionaries.
 This elder is very neat and everything is in its place and orderly. To his credit, this is hour four of the six hour meeting so his spot probably looked like this the whole time. 
Although these two elders are sharing a small space, there is still a noticed difference compared to the picture above. I believe there is a lesson to be learned here - one elders definition of organized and tidy can most certainly be different than another, but they are both excellent elders just doing their best while striving for better.