Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rainy Season Is Back!

The rain is back and things have cooled down a little here. In April and May we had a few days at 97-99 degrees. But two days ago I checked the temperature and it was 81 degrees plus 98% humidity. (Is 98% humidity even possible? Or is it just a way to let you know that you have 2% to go until your lungs fill with fluid? Ha-Ha!) So it is cooling down and going out for an early morning walk for exercise is pleasant. Today we are expecting a high of 88 degrees with 79% humidity.
I love the rainy season. The force of the downfall is beautiful to watch but like fire, water also has its bad side. Last week we had a missionary apartment flood because of a heavy downpour mixed with a clogged sewer line. The elders in the apartment had sewer water coming in through the CR drain. (bathroom) They spent the night with us at the Mission Home, and then the next day they scrubbed and cleaned the floor and walls 3x with Zonrox (Clorox) and sprayed Permethrin (bug killer). Other elders from their zone helped and the good news is - the landlord fixed the drain problem and their apartment is squeaky clean. 
The elders got in late the night they stayed at the Mission Home and they were hungry. They did laundry and found whatever they could to fill their tummies. They also ended up wearing President Tye's t-shirts until their clothes were clean.
Elder Tongi, Elder To'o, Elder Paloma
Elder Dennison was in the shower when this picture was taken. 

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