Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Welcome Sign

Here is the lineup of our January 2014 batch of new missionaries.

Every transfer I think it is not possible to love any more missionaries, and then another amazing group of elders and sisters arrive and my heart grows a little larger.
Elder Hansen 
Sister Teoti
 Elder Gonzaga
 Elder Martinez
 Elder Lim
 Elder Corpuz
 Sister Hale
Sister Griffiths
 Sister Hingano
Sister Nkwocha 
Sister Sefeti
 Sister Carter
 Sister Delos Santos
Sister Patolo
 Elder Talingdan
 Elder Parcon
Elder Apuhin
 Elder Paloma
 Elder Sessions
Elder Santillan
 Elder Salimbot

Jumping as a group did not go well this time although I did get a few super jumpers that I wanted to give a special 'shout out' to . . .
 Sister Hingano obviously knows what she is doing. Look how high she is! And how kind it is of Elder Talingdan to lend his shoulders to help Elder Corpuz get off the ground. I see some great missionary traits here like determination, service, trust, excitement, joy, faith, brotherly kindness, and being lifted to greater heights by the Spirit. 
Not sure how Elder Lim's pose relates to missionary work, (pink tie), but it reminds me of the cartoon character The Roadrunner - how he jumps up and takes off with a flash. I think it means Elder Lim is up and ready to go to work, leaving only a trail of dust in his tracks.

A New Batch

Today we welcomed a new batch of missionaries to Cavite. This transfer will now bring our total number of missionaries to 187. In the past seven months, we have added 99 new missionaries to the newly opened Philippines Cavite Mission. In March, we are expecting another 20. As you can imagine, finding apartments for all these new missionaries is really keeping us busy. 

Here are the highlights of our 2 day welcome for the newly arrived January missionaries. This is a great group and we are looking forward to sharing the joys of full time missionary work with them for the next 18 months - 2 years.

Day 1 - Lunch, Orientation, and the Mission Home
When all the missionaries arrived, we had pizza and a two hour orientation. 
 Sister Patolo, Sister Carter, and Sister Griffiths
 Sister Patolo, Sister Carter, Sister Hingano, and Sister Teoti with Sister Nkwocha on the opposite side of the table
 Elder Talingdan and Elder Apuhin in the background,
Elder Gonzaga, Elder Salimbot, and Elder Santillan
Elder Hansen, Elder Sessions, Elder Parcon and Elder Lim
 Dinner at the Mission Home

President asked each missionary to stand and tell us where they are from and why they are serving a mission. The number one answer to that question was, "Because of my love for the Savior!"
  Sister Carter
 Elder Corpuz
Elder Lim
 Sister Hale
 Sister Griffiths
The whole group, tired and ready to get some sleep. See you tomorrow!

Day 2 - Breakfast, Meeting Companions, Orientation, and Lunch.
 A room full of trainers and new missionaries waiting for the meeting to start.
The best part of this meeting is watching the trainers meet and hug their new companions. Elder Mole, a trainer, stands next to President and tries to peek at the list to see which of the new missionaries will be his companion. When the name is read - this is what happens . . .
Sweet Is The Work! 

Time for lunch. After we finished, all missionaries left to go to their new areas.
 The caterers for our lunch are members who live in the Molino Ward. They have a wide range of pre-set menus and their food is delicious. This time I ordered the fried Talipia thinking in my mind that it would be Tilapia fillets. But when you order fish in the Philippines, it means the whole fish. I was afraid that it might scare the American missionaries but I did not hear one complaint. It was yummy and a great welcome to their new home for the next 18 months - 2 years.
 Elder Gonzaga
 Sister Griffiths and Sister Sorronda
This was my plate of food. Fried Talipia, beef and broccoli, vegetables, rice - it was so beautiful that I wanted to share a picture.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Pizza And Fingerprints

It is time to fingerprint all foreign missionaries returning home within the next four months. It the law in the Philippines, so there was a fingerprinting party at the mission office . . . and pizza, of course!

 Elder Anderson
 Elder Tadina
 Elder Teitiewa
 Sister Hamm
Elder Woolf 
Sister Finau
Taking a break from the Employment Resource class offered within the Philippine missions.