Monday, January 13, 2014

Medical Woes And Blessings

I have been receiving quite a few medical calls within the last week. Nothing serious, just sore throats, bloody noses, cavities, mosquito bites, and ingrown toe nails. The sore throats and bloody noses can be attributed to the change in our weather. Going from rainy season to dry can have a short term effect on that. Some Vaseline in the nose and throat lozenges will help until our bodies adjust. The mosquito bites can be reduced by using DEET (at least 25%) and making sure the screen on the apartment windows are closed. President and I took a group to St. Luke's Global in Manila to get checked up by doctors. St Luke's is an awesome hospital with great doctors.
Picture taken in the elevator at St Luke's.

I believe the hardest part of this job is taking care of the medical needs of almost 200 missionaries. I receive medical related texts from them every day. This is another reason I KNOW that God is in charge of this work. I usually know what to do because of the promptings of the spirit that come to me as I listen to their needs and concerns. Plus I know that God really does watch out for all the missionaries. I have no medical background. My qualifications are 1) I am a mother of six children. 2) I listen to the Holy Ghost as I listen to the missionary. 3) I have an Area Medical Advisor and Nurse that I stay in constant contact with. 4) and I pray a LOT!
But it is still a miracle that this little flock of 80,000+ is protected and that every mission mom listens to the Spirit that freely gives direction and quiet instruction. I am so thankful for the prayers of so many members of the church who ask for blessings on the missionaries and the president and his wife!
 Sister Murphey gave me permission to show her mosquito bitten legs. The screen on the window to her bedroom was slightly left open. She must taste really good because this is the first missionary I have seen with this many bites. Mosquito nets are not used because all windows in the apartments have bars and screens. The missionaries are responsible to make sure that their screens are properly closed - especially at night.
Big toe on right foot taken care of for both elders Kestler and Oakden. They were thrilled with the laser treatment and quick fix.
Mom says, "If you can run on it, you can teach on it!"

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