Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tanza District Meeting

Elder Baylon, Elder Faatoia,  Elder Fiame, Elder Anderson, Elder Burbidge, Elder Doloritos, Elder Tadina, and Elder Barney

We visited the Tanza District meeting today. They didn't know we were coming and it was fun to surprise them. I love seeing how obedient the missionaries are - we could have walked in to an unorganized group of elders who were just goofing off and playing basketball. Tanza is located in just about the furthest corner of our mission. The chance of President Tye coming to visit in the middle of the week is slim, but we opened the classroom door to find this district busy discussing their current needs and making announcements. They quickly found us a place to sit and then we watched as each companionship stood and told about a spiritual experience they had during the week. President made sure that we also shared our experience - I got a referral from a waiter at a restaurant and talked about how great it was to be involved in OYM. (open your mouth) Then President and I split up and we each joined a different companionship to do some role play. Elder Burbidge and Elder Doloritos were my 'missionaries' and they were awesome! They asked me if I had a question about the reading assignment they had left me the last time we met. I tried to give them a hard time, but they really know their stuff! I am so proud of our missionaries. 

Sharing their spiritual experiences
 Elder Burbidge and Elder Doloritos
 Elder Tadina and Elder Anderson
Elder Barney and Elder Fiame

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