Saturday, January 18, 2014

You Say Goodbye, And I Say Hello

The past month we have had “goodbyes” and “hellos” a plenty! It's sad times when we have some of our mission family leave for home or to another mission. Besides the scheduled missionary transfer day in December, we have had a few others come and go. Thanks to the Beatles I have been humming the song mentioned in the post title and can't get it off my mind.

 Elder Justesen and Elder Hyer came to us in July as visa waiters from India. A visa is only good for one year in India so all foreign missionaries must leave India and serve in another mission until their visa is renewed. They were with us for six months and are now back in India finishing their two year mission.
 Sister Dela Cruz came to us from the Manila MTC and was waiting for her visa into Australia where she was called to serve. She was with us for three months and we loved having this happy, optimistic, and loving sister in Cavite.
I cried when these three left us! Although not originally called to the Cavite mission, they have made an impact here and will always be in our hearts!
Elder and Sister Paddock
The Paddock's left us a few months early because of medical reasons. Their departure came so quickly that we didn't get to do all the "goodbye activities" with them. See the measuring tape on his belt? The Paddock's and the West's worked constantly on finding and furnishing apartments. They also fixed toilet seats, drippy faucets, and broken fans - and did a zillion other things. (like making breakfast every Monday for some neighboring Elders.) Getting a new mission off the ground is hard work. These two couples, the Paddock's and the West's were busy, busy, busy - and again I cried when they left us.
The West's

Sister West signs the goodbye quilt.
Elder West hangs up their ties.

Elder and Sister Maxfield
The Maxfield's came to us from typhoon hit Tacloban. At the time they only had about a month left on their mission and were given the choice to either go home or complete their eighteen month mission in Cavite. Being the amazing people that they are, they chose to give all their time to the work. These are two very spiritual members. There is no question that their service here in Cavite for those five weeks blessed so many lives. What an honor it was for President Tye and I to have them spend it with us.

Dr. Seuss said, "Don't cry because it's over, SMILE because it happened!"
Can't I do both?

Even though the Cavite Mission Family will miss these senior couples, I know that there are a lot of children and grandchildren that are happy to have them back home. Thanks to all their family for letting us borrow them for a while!

Elder and Sister Rigby
What a beautiful sight and blessing came out of the Manila Air Terminal on the morning of January 8th. The Rigby's are from Utah and are smiling because their winter coats were left at home. Welcome to the Philippines and the humidity! I cannot explain how thrilled, excited, happy, delighted, and overjoyed we are to have the Rigby's with us. What wonderful people they are. They spent their first day at the mission office and mission home. We even had a dinner for them their first night. I bet they were so exhausted!
I love all of our senior couples so much! I am looking forward to the next year and eternity as we combine our faith, hard work, and never ending friendship in the hastening of this work.


  1. Sister Tye -
    Thank you again for keeping us updated on the mission. It helps lessen the distance we are feeling from our missionary. We appreciate the time you take to do this and the opportunity to get to know you better.

    Wendy Burbidge

  2. hi sister tye. Thank you for this wonderful blog. I appreciate it so much. It gives me an idea of what Philippines Cavite Mission looks like. By the way, I am called to serve in Philippines Cavite. Sooo excited to do this fun missionary work.