Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Welcome Sign

Here is the lineup of our January 2014 batch of new missionaries.

Every transfer I think it is not possible to love any more missionaries, and then another amazing group of elders and sisters arrive and my heart grows a little larger.
Elder Hansen 
Sister Teoti
 Elder Gonzaga
 Elder Martinez
 Elder Lim
 Elder Corpuz
 Sister Hale
Sister Griffiths
 Sister Hingano
Sister Nkwocha 
Sister Sefeti
 Sister Carter
 Sister Delos Santos
Sister Patolo
 Elder Talingdan
 Elder Parcon
Elder Apuhin
 Elder Paloma
 Elder Sessions
Elder Santillan
 Elder Salimbot

Jumping as a group did not go well this time although I did get a few super jumpers that I wanted to give a special 'shout out' to . . .
 Sister Hingano obviously knows what she is doing. Look how high she is! And how kind it is of Elder Talingdan to lend his shoulders to help Elder Corpuz get off the ground. I see some great missionary traits here like determination, service, trust, excitement, joy, faith, brotherly kindness, and being lifted to greater heights by the Spirit. 
Not sure how Elder Lim's pose relates to missionary work, (pink tie), but it reminds me of the cartoon character The Roadrunner - how he jumps up and takes off with a flash. I think it means Elder Lim is up and ready to go to work, leaving only a trail of dust in his tracks.


  1. I know Sister Heisel came to you by herself and not with a group but did you get a pic with her by the sign? Would love to see it if you did :) Thanks for all you do Sam is loving life!!

    1. Hi Melissa, I have Sister Heisel's picture with the December 'welcome sign'.

  2. I'm glad to see my bestfriend!

    Hello Elder Paloma! :)