Monday, February 3, 2014

Completely Random Catagory-less Photos

Cleaning out my excess photos for the month and decided to share a few. 
 Our gardener made this for the mission home. Philippines Cavite Mission. If you want to see how wonderful it really is, come and visit!
 To market, to market, to buy a fat pig . . . 
The joys of being a Mission Mom - measuring plantar warts.
 My favorite luxury item brought from home - the antique whipping cream bowl. Can't buy whipped cream here so I have to make it and I don't know what I would do without this bowl. Makes the BEST - yum!
 Not sure what Elder Woolf is doing here. Probably told to assist us AGAIN!
 Sister Unga and Sister Lasalosi making a memory with Sister Tye.
Sister Unga making her own private memories.?
This cartoon reminds me of Lamen and Lemuel.
It should be self explanatory but if you're having trouble figuring it out, turn to 1 Nephi and start reading.
 Sister Finau is expecting a visit from the tooth fairy tonight. She had a wisdom tooth pulled.
 President Tye lost a filling. Repaired with no Novocaine. Ouch!
The West's parting gift. A painted woven rug.
A better picture would have been of them trying to get that rug in their luggage. A Memory I'll always cherish!


  1. Painless (but smelly) remedy for plantar warts:
    Crush garlic and place a small amount on the pad of a band-aid. Apply directly over wart. Apply a fresh one every day. After 7 days, the wart turns black and flaky and begins to disappear, because the garlic kills the virus inside the wart.

    1. Just what I needed! Thank you for helping us avoid the knife.

  2. Duct tape works wonders at removing warts. My daughter had almost 20 on her foot. They went away in less than 2 weeks.