Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Missionary Follow-Up

We were so happy to have all of our newest missionaries gathered together again and to see how they are doing. Follow-up is also a time to ask questions and receive more training - and a time to eat.
 Elder Mole, Elder Colcol, and a Ward Missionary
Elder Baylon, Sister Jones, Elder Rindlesbacher, and Elder Espinoza 
 Sister Davey and Sister Koluse
Sisters: Lasalosi, Unga, Ma'u, Sefeti, and Koluse 
Back row: Elder Sessions, Elder Hansen, Sister Griffiths, Sister Teoti, Sister Hingano. Front row: Sister Nkwocha and Sister Hale 
Ready to start the meeting.
We sure have a lot of missionaries sitting towards the back. They must not know that there is a special reward in heaven for those sitting on the front two rows.

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