Thursday, February 20, 2014


Every three months we have interviews with the missionaries. President sees each one individually and I usually talk to them about health issues or dress and grooming. This month I checked to see if they are dressed properly - according to the rules in the Missionary Handbook. I made a checklist and awarded them points depending on how well they were following the handbook. I gave them extra points if they had money in their emergency fund. This was a competition between zones and the winning zone will be announced in the upcoming Zone Conference.
Because we have so many colds and coughs among the missionaries, I also gave them a list of 5 ways to avoid getting sick. These were listed on a blank page in their handbook.
Elder Moshier, Elder Grant, Elder Chon, Elder Tago
 Sister Peters
 Elders: Tongi, Chua, Salimbot, Acosta, Dasalla, Molina

This zone was the most organized of all the other zones. When we arrived, our rooms were set up and a schedule was printed out. They also had a zone meeting after interviews were completed. At the meeting, tables were set up in the back of the room for practicing and role-playing. Thanks to the zone leaders, Elder Cornelius and Elder Tadina.

Elder Iraola, Elder Roda, Elder Dennison, Elder Lilly, Elder Collins, Elder Ripdos 
Sisters: Faalogo, Rivero, Leavitt, and Seleue 
Elders: Ripdos, Haufano, Matina, Tinasas, Iraola
Sister Jones, Sister Saavedra, Sister Rodgers, and Sister Teoti

 Elder Colcol, Elder Tumala, and Elder Shimbashi
Sister Arnson, Sister Calder, Sister Domantay, and Sister Folau
 Sister Nkwocha and Sister Carter

 Elder LuLab, Elder Leaupepetele
 Elder Park, Elder Phillips
Elder Doloritos, Elder Barney, Elder Burbidge, Elder Calipes, Sister Montemayer, Sister Berrera, Sister Vaitaki

And here is where I sit for 6 hours, three days a week, and talk to the best missionaries in the whole world.

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