Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Special Memories

"Feed the flock of God that is among you . . . (by) being ensamples to the flock." 1 Peter 5:2-3

One of our sister missionaries, Sister Leavitt, kept a piggy bank full of "Special Memories" while on her mission. If something important was said to her, or if she had a spiritual experience that she didn't want to forget, she would take a small piece of paper, write it down, then put it in the bank. In the process of cleaning out her luggage when she returned home from her mission, she broke open the little piggy bank and read all of her cherished mission memories. Also in the bank she had a few recorded memories that involved me, and so she sent me pictures of them. 

These little hand written memories from Sister Leavitt are very dear to me. I cried when I read them! They are a reminder that what I say and do has an affect on others - and usually, I am not even aware of it. Those we have stewardship over, (whether in callings or as a parent), watch us and listen to what we say. I hope that I can always be an example of goodness and kindness. I hope the missionaries will forgive me for the times that I am so physically exhausted and spent, that I may act less like the daughter of God that I truly am. I love them all so much! Thank you Sister Leavitt for sharing these cute little "Special Memories" with me.

D.O.T.S. - Depend On The Savior
The first time I met Sister Leavitt she was wearing a polka dot dress. It was during interviews and President Tye and I had only been in the mission for a month. I told her what "dots" symbolize to me and that is why I love polka dots. Every time we would see each other after that day, if by chance one of us was wearing dots, we would both say
"Depend On The Savior!"
 I remember saying this to Sister Leavitt and I still feel that way a year later. You know how you just seem to have a connection with certain people? I believe feelings like this originate much further back than we can remember. 
When I think of all the elders and sisters we will serve with in the Cavite mission, I believe there IS a connection between us. I KNOW that we're put together at this time for a reason. Nothing happens by accident or is "just coincidence" when the Lord is involved! 
This is another acronym I shared with Sister Leavitt - P.M.S.
She added what it REALLY stands for, (not what the women of the world think it stands for - haha), and also what I told her.
This little note was written before we came to serve in the Philippines. She felt a connection to us two months before we arrived. Pretty Cool!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Welcome Sign

Welcome to a new batch who arrived on February 11th.

 Sister Abasanta, Elder Golden, Elder Orongan, Elder Domingo, and Elder Guiral

 Sister Abasanta
Elder Orongan
Elder Guiral
Elder Golden
Elder Domingo

Orientation Meeting

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Transfer Day

Life at the mission office on transfer day.
Elder Roberts with a broken foot. Elders Lilly and Labitad give moral support. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Goodbye Group

Another group has left Cavite and is now heading home. Here are the pictures of the "Goodbye Group" and all the activities they are involved in before final departure.
 Departure Fireside
 Sister Folau
 Sister Lizada 
 Elder Parilla, Sister Halasima (she is eating a fried frog.)
 Elder and Sister Petersen
 Sister Ma'u
 Elder Doloritos 
 Sister Davey
 Saying goodbye at the Bacoor Stake Center 
 Sister Sevia, Sister and Elder Richards
 Elder Parilla and Elder Roda
 Elder Zacarias
 Sister Halasima

Manila Temple
In the tunnel to the Area Offices and Distribution Center
Elder Doloritos finds a surprise visitor - Elder Tadina

Hanging Ties And The Farewell Dinner
 Sister Davey, Sister Folau
 Sister Sevia, Sister Davey, Sister Folau
Elder Zarcarias
 Sisters Ma'u, Halasima, Lizada, Sevia, and Elder Parilla in the background. 
 Sister Halasima and Elder Parilla
 Elder Cauilan, Elder Zacarias, Elder Doloritos
 Elder Rindlisbacher and Elder Doloritos
Gathering for the last talk - it's the going home talk that always makes me cry!
Sister Tye is crying! (Don't look at President Tye)