Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Goodbye Group

Another group has left Cavite and is now heading home. Here are the pictures of the "Goodbye Group" and all the activities they are involved in before final departure.
 Departure Fireside
 Sister Folau
 Sister Lizada 
 Elder Parilla, Sister Halasima (she is eating a fried frog.)
 Elder and Sister Petersen
 Sister Ma'u
 Elder Doloritos 
 Sister Davey
 Saying goodbye at the Bacoor Stake Center 
 Sister Sevia, Sister and Elder Richards
 Elder Parilla and Elder Roda
 Elder Zacarias
 Sister Halasima

Manila Temple
In the tunnel to the Area Offices and Distribution Center
Elder Doloritos finds a surprise visitor - Elder Tadina

Hanging Ties And The Farewell Dinner
 Sister Davey, Sister Folau
 Sister Sevia, Sister Davey, Sister Folau
Elder Zarcarias
 Sisters Ma'u, Halasima, Lizada, Sevia, and Elder Parilla in the background. 
 Sister Halasima and Elder Parilla
 Elder Cauilan, Elder Zacarias, Elder Doloritos
 Elder Rindlisbacher and Elder Doloritos
Gathering for the last talk - it's the going home talk that always makes me cry!
Sister Tye is crying! (Don't look at President Tye)

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