Friday, November 28, 2014

Mission President Seminar - Baguio

Our second Mission President Seminar for 2014 was located 5 hours north of Manila in Baguio. The beautiful city of Baguio is in the mountains and it is cooler than Metro Manila where our mission home is located. We loved the pine trees and enjoyed the cool evening air as we left our sliding glass door open all night and the ceiling fan on. We could also smell the pine and it reminded us of being in the mountains in Utah. The hotel was decorated for Christmas and it was beautiful. It always seems to me that the week of Seminar goes very quickly. We anticipate it for months, longing for a chance to catch up with our dear friends who are also serving as Mission Presidents throughout the Philippines. We were blessed with some extra time to visit with each other as we rode on the bus to Baguio. During the week, we were taught and given insight into our callings by the Area Presidency. 
We always leave the Seminar filled with resolve to do a little better than our very best, and to love with all our heart. It was a relaxing and fulfilling week. 
 We always gather in one of the hotel rooms and talk about our families, the missionaries, and get caught up.
 We had a breakout session with just the wives. We listened to inspirational talks and ideas from Sister Ardern, Sister Bowen, and our Area Medical Advisors - Dr. Morrison and Dr. Arner.
 Eternal Friends!
 President and Sister Ostler, Manila Mission President
Christmas Carols

We did some sightseeing and shopping.
November 2014 Philippines Mission Presidents
and Area Presidency

At the end of the week when we arrived back at the Area Office in Manila, I was so happy to see the AP's waiting for us. They presented me with flowers because it was my birthday. I almost cried - it was so thoughtful. Sometimes I feel like Helaman who looked at his 2060 young warriors with love and called them "My Sons!" We missed our 220 missionary sons and daughters!

Friday, November 21, 2014


During a ride back to their apartment, these two elders fell asleep. We are returning from an all day visit to the doctor's office in Manila. I couldn't help but take their picture. This shows just how hard missionaries work.
Elder Atkinson and Elder Cabeza

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Transfer Day At The Office

Pictures of the mission office on a busy transfer day.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Goodbyes Feel Like Forever!

There is nothing very GOOD about a "goodbye." It honestly feels like I am sending pieces of my heart away every six weeks! But in reality, God is helping my heart to grow. 
We did the usual activities with the going home batch, so enjoy the pictures and you will be able to see why we love them so much and will miss them.

Manila Temple and Distribution Center
I took this picture with my camera and it turned out beautiful - especially with the clouds in the background.
Going Home Missionaries
Front Row: Elder Devinuwara, Sister Dulay, Elder Parohinog, Elder Baui, Elder Isip
Back Row: Sister Davis, Elder Davis, Elder Tomas, Elder Chon, Elder Durfee

The American Cemetery, Manila
I love the stone work.
 President Tye is standing in the same spot that he stood in 1977 during his mission picture while serving in Manila. 

The Tying Of The Ties At The Tye's
Worn out socks!
Elder Parohinog is exhausted. 
 Sister Dulay's family came to pick her up. They had dinner with us, and enjoyed listening to our last "talk" with the going home missionaries.
 Our traditional picture
 Traditional picture with an Elder Chon request.
This basically says - "You go now!"
Thank you Elder Chon for President's new tie!