Monday, November 17, 2014

Departure Fireside

We enjoyed a wonderful spirit at our first Departure Fireside. All 10 of the leaving Missionaries bore their testimonies and sang "Called To Serve" for those who attended. People who came to the fireside were friends and investigators of these faithful and diligent missionaries. After the fireside, all had a chance to say their final good-byes and take pictures. Most of these leaving missionaries will not see their dear Cavite friends again in this life. It was an emotional evening.
See those two in the middle? That is Elder Fernando and his fiance. He is one of our RM's and they came to the devotional. It was so wonderful to see them. 
A sister in the Molino Ward made a wonderful dinner after the fireside was over. It was a surprise for us, and such a sweet gift of love to the elders and sisters that were heading home.

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  1. Ahh Sister Tye! I was seriously crying looking at all of these pictures! I can't even begin to say how much I miss this, serving and the people, you and President! I wish so much I was still there. Love you all!!