Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Goodbyes Feel Like Forever!

There is nothing very GOOD about a "goodbye." It honestly feels like I am sending pieces of my heart away every six weeks! But in reality, God is helping my heart to grow. 
We did the usual activities with the going home batch, so enjoy the pictures and you will be able to see why we love them so much and will miss them.

Manila Temple and Distribution Center
I took this picture with my camera and it turned out beautiful - especially with the clouds in the background.
Going Home Missionaries
Front Row: Elder Devinuwara, Sister Dulay, Elder Parohinog, Elder Baui, Elder Isip
Back Row: Sister Davis, Elder Davis, Elder Tomas, Elder Chon, Elder Durfee

The American Cemetery, Manila
I love the stone work.
 President Tye is standing in the same spot that he stood in 1977 during his mission picture while serving in Manila. 

The Tying Of The Ties At The Tye's
Worn out socks!
Elder Parohinog is exhausted. 
 Sister Dulay's family came to pick her up. They had dinner with us, and enjoyed listening to our last "talk" with the going home missionaries.
 Our traditional picture
 Traditional picture with an Elder Chon request.
This basically says - "You go now!"
Thank you Elder Chon for President's new tie!


  1. Sister Tye, I can see why you feel a piece of your heart is going home each time. I feel for you just looking at the pictures and reading your posts. I have to say that having a picture in the same spot where President Tye stood while his serving his mission is cool. And also, am I the only one who see's an x-wing fighter when they see pictures of the Manila temple? :) I absolutely love you two. You are the best mission presidents ever!

  2. Woah? Goodbye, eldest, hello newest! Yeah! I am going...... Wait for me in Dec 31! Hello President Tye! You're so great!