Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Visit With Kellie & Lindsay

It was a happy and tearful welcome at NAIA when we got to hug our daughter and her husband who arrived for a visit. One whole week with the two of them was a wonderful and needed gift! Here are some pictures of their visit:
 We are so thankful they could come and visit us. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Welcome Sign And Transfer Day

January 2016 Batch
 Sister Gabalfin
 Elder Hingano
 Elder Suamer
 Sister Elacion
Sister Miranda
 Sister Narciso
 Sister Pumarin
 Sister Lisaca
 Sister Melad
 Elder Perez
 Elder Baticbatic
 Elder Maala
Elder CaƱete 
 Elder Thoreson
Elder Loreto
 Elder Atok
 Elder Lazaro
 Elder Fernandez
Elder Eyo

Transfer Day at the Mission Office
 Elders' Lorenzo, Larisma, Arsenal, Mangaoang
 Sister Zimmerman
 Elder and Sister Laws, Sister Broadbent
Sister St. John is the trainer/companion to Sister Lisaca
Elder Lorenzo is the trainer/companion to Elder Hingano
 Sisters' Codera, Priest, St. John
 Elder Laws and Elder Broadbent
 Awesome caterer!
Elder Ramos is the trainer/companion to Elder Thoreson
 Elder Labitad, Sister Fisher, and Sister Pumarin
 Elder Arribas
 Elder Arribas, Sister San Pasqual, Elder Turituri
 Elder and Sister Simon
 Elders' Lye, Matangi, Espinoza, Damaso
 Elders' Bajan, Sandot, Pyle, Prows
(Elder Fangufangu is in the sunlight)
 Elder Richards
Sister Abasanta, Elder Villanueva, Elder Flitton.
 Sister Malad and her trainer/companion is Sister Zimmerman
Elder Lugo is the trainer and companion to Elder Perez
Elders' Woodbury, Richards, Castillo, and Matangi
 Elder Matangi, Sister Moromi, Elder Orongan, and Sister Brown
 Elder Peligro