Thursday, January 7, 2016

January MLC

During MLC this month we did some searching and pondering on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I loved this lesson so much that most of our MLC pictures are of the zone leaders and sister training leaders reading their scriptures and taking notes.
 Elder Bajan and Elder Lagumbay
Elders' Aguinaldo, Talingdan, Peligro, Lagunda, Corpuz, and Tanga-an
 Sister Moromi and Sister Su'a
Elders' Toledo, Caliguiran, Espiritu, Rodrigo, Aguinaldo, and Talingdan
 Elder Santillan and Elder Sison
Sisters' Moromi, Su'a, Talataiga, and Dariagan
Elder Tanga-an

Our monthly theme of "Endure to the End" was
demonstrated with dominoes. 
There are a lot of similarities between missionary work, 236 free-standing dominoes, and making it through the path to eternal life!

Miscellaneous pictures from the day
 Sisters' Mendoza, Abasanta, Devi, and Baller
Elders' Caliguiran, Espiritu, Rodrigo, Bajan, and Lagumbay
 Elders' Corpuz, Talingdan, Tanga-an
 The missionaries love the candy!
Elders' Espiritu, Peligro, Alvarez, Corpus, Lagunda, Tanga-an and Morales

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