Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Another group of elders and sisters have been released as full-time Missionaries. We will miss their kind hearts, willing obedience, and faithful service to the Lord's work.

Elder Rogers and Elder Ritter
Both of these elders are part of the January 13th batch, but left on January 1st so they could be home before winter semester of school starts. It's really hard to see them go - Awesome Elders!
 Elder Rogers and Elder Ritter have full tummies - thanks to Chili's.

Breakfast At The Mission Home
and Manila Temple Session
Elders' Sison, Del Rosario, and Talingdan 
 Garlic rice with loganisa sausage, eggs, bacon, sliced tomatoes and grapes.
Elders' Gonzaga, Parcon, Uta'i, and Martinez
Sister Dariagan and Sister Domingo
 After the temple session.

Pizza and Goodbye Activities
Elders' Martinez, Corpuz, Talingdan, Salimbot, and Gonzaga
Sisters' Moromi, Pacquiao, Baller, Domingo, and Dariagan
Elder Apuhin and Elder Paloma
 Elder Parcon and Elder Santillan
 Elder Uta'i
 Sister Mendoza
Elder Santillan and Sister Mendoza
 Sister Baller
 CLS certificates to Elder Lim, Sister Mendoza, Elder Gonzaga, and Elder Parcon.
 Elder Talingdan, Elder Corpuz, Elder Espiritu
Sister Pacquiao

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