Monday, February 2, 2015

Welcome To The Petersen's

We Have A New Senior Couple In Cavite! 

Welcome to Elder and Sister Petersen from Las Vegas, Nevada. When they joined us, they came into a mission office that had been run by six elders for two months. (counting the AP's) In the six weeks since they arrived:
* We have a clean mission office.
*Pictures are being ordered and hung on bare walls.
*Incoming mail is stored in marked boxes by Zone
for easy organized access.
*They cleaned out file cabinets and found
2 unclaimed suit coats. (really?)
*They are working hard on getting the CLS program moving
forward in our mission.
*AND, They are always smiling while doing the zillion other things that need to be done in a mission office!

How is this possible? 
Because the Lord sent us the best!
President and I are so thankful to their children and grandchildren for sharing them with us for the next two years. We are very excited and happy they are here!

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