Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Interviews And Follow Up Training

January was not a good month for pictures or blog entries. There were a lot of things going on, but I did not get many pictures. I only took a few pictures of zone interviews, and President interviewed all the missionaries in every zone. (For my journal entry, we currently have 216 missionaries and 10 zones.) I believe this means that we are giving ourselves more to the work and are finding less time to keep a mission blog current and updated. That is really good news, it means that we are settling in and putting mission affairs first. Just be assured that all is well and our elders and sisters are also setting their hearts upon the work and pressing forward.
 Bacoor Zone Interviews
(The lineup - front and back)
 Sister Clifton, Elder Rodrigo, Elder Cabeza, Elder Christensen, Elder Lorenzo, Elder Nicolas, Elder Roberts.
 I happened to get a picture of two missionaries during our two week interviews. Above is Sister Wellayan and below is Elder Jackson.
This is the only place I can get reception for my phone and answer the all the medical calls. Actually it was really pleasant here, there was a nice breeze blowing right on me. This is the back side of the San Gabriel Stake building.

Four Week Follow Up
 It was a small group of new missionaries that we met with today for the 4 week follow up. When we separated into groups, we had a hard time getting these "new kids on the block" to open up and ask us questions. But, they work well with their companions and the love they have for each other is evident. 
Elder Rindlisbacher and Elder Zacarias did a great job conducting and teaching at the meeting. Excellent AP's!

Miscellaneous January Pictures
I love this picture. This sister companionship had a scheduled baptism and everything was set and ready to go. The font was filled, the speakers were ready, but because of the result of "choice and accountability", the candidate could not get baptized. The sisters wept. It shows how much the missionaries love their investigators and put their whole hearts into the work. Their greatest desire is to bring others to bring others to Christ and help them receive the promised blessings that come from being baptized by proper authority and enduring to the end.
 This is our son's luggage sitting by the front door of the mission home. He is headed home after spending Christmas with us and it was hard to see him go. It was a wonderful Christmas having a small part of our family here during the holidays. 
A trip to Asian Hospital for 2 sister missionaries. While I sat in the doctor's office with the sisters, President had a short nap.

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  1. Hello Sister! Can you take pictures of Elder Paloma? We would love to see him :)