Saturday, January 4, 2014

January MLC

It's the start of a new year and the best way to get things going smoothly is to have MLC at the Mission Home. I love having the missionaries here and I especially love to cook for them! No wonder the first pictures I post are not of our wonderful Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders, but of my desserts!
Coconut Strawberry Tres Leches Cake and
Mango Cake 
Who in the world would take a close up picture of strawberries and toasted coconut on a Mission Blog? ME!!!

I tried two new recipes and they were so beautiful that I gave them priority blog-placement! Who cares about the Teriyaki Chicken, garlic shrimp 'n vegetables, and home made rolls I also served.

It was just so lovely! - I'm having a moment.

Here are a few of the pictures from January's MLC. 
This is a practice baptism interview.

I love having the missionaries come to the mission home. The meeting was scheduled to start at 10:00am, but by 9:00 most everyone had already arrived. The sisters came into the kitchen and helped me roll out the rolls while the elders relaxed and ate candy that was scattered around the house. By the time the meeting started our home was filled with sweet smells and beautiful voices as the sisters and elders sang the opening song.
There will never be anything in my life that will compare to having the missionaries in my home.
The voices of all 18 of us filled every corner and reached beyond each closed bedroom door. The prayers, testimonies, lessons, thoughts, and counsel that took place during this six hour meeting was so uplifting. I love the Spirit that lingers here long after the shoes are put back on and the last companionship shakes my hand then closes the door. After all have left, I stand against the closed door and I breathe it all in - holding my breath. This may seem silly, but it is my way of sharing this feeling with my spirit. I am making a memory and I will have many memories when these three years are over.

The definition of "Temple" in the Bible Dictionary gives the best description of what my home feels like when all have left. The first paragraph on page 781 states: 
"Only the home can compare with the temple in sacredness." 

I will always be thankful that I was given the opportunity to witness the workings of the Spirit in the mission home. It truly has become a place of sacredness, comparable only to the temple on every first Thursday of the month. Surely our goal would be to have our homes like this every day!

I have no idea why President and I were lucky enough to be chosen to take part in this great work. But because of this calling, I have a greater love for my Heavenly Father. I have a firmer knowledge that Christ leads and directs this work - it is His work! It is His Gospel that was restored to the earth thru Joseph Smith in this last dispensation in preparation for His return and Millennial Reign. Yes I miss my home. Yes I miss my family. I hope they know that their father and mother love them, and through this experience we are teaching them that we will always honor the covenants that we made in the temple. Because even with trials, even with pure exhaustion and daily repentance, it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that brings us true joy and happiness in this life and throughout eternity.  


  1. Thank you, Sister Tye for all you do for our missionaries while they're away from us. We can feel your love through your words and pictures. Thanks for posting!!
    Cindy Holdaway

  2. What a beautiful spirit you have and a beautiful message! Thank you for all you and President Tye do. You are amazing and we are so grateful!
    Love, Nanette Hamm