Friday, April 4, 2014

April MLC

Is it really April? 
 I can't believe it's the first of the month and time for MLC. Our last transfer, just four weeks ago, brought us up to 188 missionaries and we are suffering from growing pains. President decided that some changes needed to take place. Two of the zones were split and because of that he called four new zone leaders and four new sister training leaders. The mission home is not big enough for too many more of these kinds of changes. At our meeting today, we had 26 mission leaders. We moved some of our furniture outside to clear a large enough area to bring in six folding tables. The plan for the near future is to split another two other zones - which will bring in more zone leaders and sister training leaders. I love the growth but I don't want to lose the chance of having the missionaries bless our home with their presence. There is nothing better than a home FULL of elders and sisters!
Our theme for the month of April is
"Open Your Mouth, And Be an Instrument in the Lord's Hands."
We did some fun things related to this theme and the day was a wonderful success. 
I made caramel popcorn for munching during the meeting.
Elders on the floor and Sisters in the kitchen. I love it!
 Elder Ripdos, Elder Baldelomar, Elder Zacarias
 Training - President uses the window as his dry erase board.
 ...and more eating!

After lunch we talked about the importance of opening your mouth to everyone you meet. A few of the companionship's "volunteered" to participate in a role play about teaching a principle of the gospel and concluding with the restoration in just two minutes. It was hard to do but the willing effort of our missionaries was awesome. Next, President read to them from Preach My Gospel on page 158 where is says,
"When you meet people, be prepared to teach brief summaries of restored truth so that the Holy Ghost can bear witness that you are the servants of the Lord. In many situations, you will need to be able to present a message in a minute or less."
Seriously? They had just tried doing it in two minutes, let's try it in one!

We started out by having companions face each other across the table. One side would be the investigator, and the other side would be the missionary. We read a scenario - like "You see a man driving a trike that is filled with 6-8 gas tanks. He is having a difficult time getting up the hill. You offer to help." The missionaries now have 60 seconds to open their mouth and follow the guidance of the Holy Ghost. When the time is up, the inside group moves one chair to the right and the roles are reversed. The investigator now becomes the missionary and a new scenario is read.
We had 15 scenarios - thus 15 rotations. It was a blast. The missionaries really got into acting out the investigator part of the scenarios, like watering their plants, driving a jeepney, carrying heavy groceries. It was a lot of fun!
Here are just a few of the pictures:

We had such an enjoyable day with the Missionary Leadership Council. After we are finished it is time for a group picture and then the famous closing words by President Tye, "Alis ka na!"

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