Saturday, April 5, 2014

More Apartment Visits!

President Tye and I went on the search for more clean apartments. We were very successful this time, seeing only one that needed improvement. But, we are aware that when President is on a "secret mission" - such as knocking on missionary apartment doors - word gets around fast. We think they were all forewarned.
Here are a few of the apartments we visited:
 Sister Hingano and Sister Davey
 Sister Vanfleet, Sister Eteaki, Sister Sabordo, Sister Rivero
 Elder Parohinog, Elder Sessions
 Elder Acosta, Elder Durfee, Elder Cabeza, Elder Sadler
Sister Jones and Sister Teoti
Sister Jones and Sister Pugsley
 Sister Ma'u and sister Griffiths
Elder Crocker, Elder Talingdan, Elder Erickson, Elder Tomas
Elder To'o, Elder Salimbot, Elder Cauilan, Elder Flores
 The Elders made a really good lookin' lunch.
Elder Lilly, Elder Collins, Elder Cornelius, Elder Dennison, Elder Ripdos, Elder Roda
 Beautiful bedrooms!

We have now visited 3 of the 8 zones in the mission. We will be visiting more apartments in the coming weeks.

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