Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Missionary Orientation

Transfer day started with the arrival of 21 new missionaries from the Manila MTC and 1 from Provo. With all of them together at the mission office, we had a small breakfast, interviews, and then crossed the street to have Orientation at the Molino Chapel. Just before lunch the new missionaries were introduced to their trainers.
 I love that Sister Aguinaldo (above) and Sister Raterta (below) are wearing their YW medallions.
 Elder Peligro with his trainer Elder Hora
 Sister Gecaraya with her trainer Sister Clifton
 Elder Caliguiran with his trainer Elder Fisher
 Elder Manabat with his trainer Elder Tumala
 Sister Raterta with her trainer Sister Davey
Sister Wellayan is training Sister Ballatan
Elder Del Rosario with his trainer Elder Atkinson 
 Elder Oakden is training Elder Nicolas
Sister Semilota with her trainer Sister Vanfleet  
 Elder Calpito with his trainer Elder Cornelius

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