Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Welcome Sign

Here we are again at the Welcome Sign. This can only mean that another six weeks has past and we are welcoming new missionaries to our ranks! With this newest group, we are 141 strong.
We tend to get a little crazy as we take so many pictures so I decided to show some of the funny ones too. So here we go - the new missionaries and trainers of the Philippines Cavite Mission.
 This picture is perfect.
 Then someone decided that we should try a jumping picture. What a riot! I have never been able to master the jump. Although I should get a star for trying really hard. It's so nice to know I am not alone in my failures.
 Sister Dela Cruz
 Sister Arnson
 Sister Chamberlain
 Sister Murphey
 Sister Peters
Sister Peters companion - Sister Unga
 Sister Clifton
 Sister Failauga
Sister Lamson
So I just noticed that I have grey in my hair, or is it a ray of light like a halo? Nope, it's grey. They say having kids will do that - and I have 141. I should be completely grey by Easter.
 Sister Passey
Sister Manu 
 Sister Wellayan
 Sister Domantay
 Elder Sadler
 Elder Anderson
Elder Shimbashi
 Elder Shimbashi's companion, Elder Tago
 Elder Goldthorpe
Elder Haufano
 Elder To'o
 Elder Muavesi
 Elder Nielsen
 Elder McLaughlin
 Elder Acosta, Elder McLaughlin, Elder Rindlisbacher
President Tye and I are very blessed to have these 21 new missionaries join us in Cavite. We are humbled by the confidence that Heavenly Father has in us to fulfill this calling for a season. 


  1. Sister Tye, I LOVE that you said you have 141 kids :) Thank you so much for being their mom while they are there! I absolutely love you!

  2. What a wonderful group. Thanks for your loving care of all our missionaries.