Thursday, November 7, 2013


MLC was going to be in the mission home this month, but my sink clogged up. And this was the worst clog I have ever seen! I have been using the garbage disposer not realizing that the same system we've got going in the U.S., is not the same system they've got going here. I now have a perfect knowledge that the garbage disposer in the Mission Home can not handle 5 lbs. of old rice from the refrigerator at one time. I had rice coming up both sides of the kitchen sink, rice coming up in the outside sink, and filthy fowl smelling water leaking from the pipes under the sink. When the plumber came the next morning he kept staring at me. Guess he wanted to see what a crazy American looked like.
We found out that we are suppose to clean out the waste box once a month. Really? Mine was pretty bad after 5 months. And the smell? I'll just let your imagination take you there. But because of this, and not being able to use the kitchen to make lunch for the missionaries, MLC was at the mission office. We were two hours late, and a little stressed, but all went well.
Elder Grant, Elder Cornelius, Elder Tadina, and Elder Anderson 
 Sister Villanueva and Sister Fernando
Elder Burgos and Elder Iraola 
Elders Fernando, Oakden, and Grant
Sisters Daquila and Vaki 
Elder Tumala 
 Elder Anderson is always begging me to put his picture on either the blog or in the newsletter. I think this shot may make both of them.
After the meeting all is quiet again.

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