Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mission Business

This is what an official office meeting looks like. Today we are planning the upcoming November Transfer Week.
These are the men who run things around here.
 Elder Yambot (A.P., heading home this transfer), Elder Oakden (AP), Elder Woolf (AP), Elder Parohinog (supplies), Elder Crocker (finance).
 Elder and Sister Davis are our office couple who came directly from heaven to help us. Luckily we have another year with them until they are translated and returned to their Celestial home.
(yes, they really are perfect!)
Our Entertainment
I'm not sure why this magnetized ramp is so entertaining to us. We love this silly thing. It holds on to the grocery cart so it does not get away from you while heading to your car. Seriously, not even Mr. Incredible could budge this cart while it is in motion down the ramp. We tried - although we were not wearing our super-suit at the time. Once you reach the bottom the cart is magically released, and then its back to manual labor again.

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