Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fall Mission President's Seminar

This week we attended our first Mission President's Seminar. It was held in Manila and Elder Neil L. Anderson was in attendance. It was quite an honor to be there and listen as Elder Anderson taught us - and also be counseled by Elder Clayton, (who accompanied Elder Anderson), and our Area Presidency, Elder Nielson, Elder Ardern, and Elder Echo Hawk.
This is an amazing group of Mission Presidents, wives, and Church Leaders. President and Sister Tanner reported on the relief efforts that are underway in the earthquake damaged Cebu Area. He is currently serving as Mission President in Cebu East Mission and we were shown slides and given an update of their progress.
President Tye and I are always pinching ourselves to make sure we are not dreaming. To be in involved in missionary work in this capacity is truly a great blessing for both of us.
 President And Sister Monahan (Philippines, Urdaneta Mission) sat in front of us during Tuesday's instruction.
On Wednesday we went through a session at the Manila Temple. With so many of us doing a session at the same time, I was very impressed at how efficient and organized the Temple workers were.  
 This is a picture of "our batch" - all the Mission Presidents who flew with us from Utah and started the same day we did.
Do we look 5 months wiser?
 Elder Ferrin and President Tye. Elder Ferrin is the Area IFR of the Philippines. (In Field Representative) 
Sister Ferrin and Sister Tanner
Elder and Sister Clayton, and Elder Neil L. Anderson take a picture with us.
We were the guests of a Cultural Presentation with Singing and Dancing all about the Philippines. The youth were from the Manila area, and a lot of them were from the stakes in our mission. It was fantastic!
This cute young man was so obedient. He did not move his hand from that position the whole time they sang. I wish I could have found him after the show so I could shake that hand. I would like to meet a 7 year old that can do that. 
Pictures with our mission youth.
It was a wonderful Seminar, but were anxious to get back to our missionaries that we love so much! 

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