Monday, October 7, 2013

Lunch At Indang

Today we stopped at the Indang Branch (pronounced In-dong) so President could have a Baptism interview. The missionaries assigned to this branch were there and one of them helped with translation during the interview. The Indang Branch is small and was originally built as a home that we are now renting for use as a Chapel.
The side of the home with the two windows is an addition and that is where they hold Sacrament meeting.
While I was waiting for my husband, a member of the branch stopped by and invited us to her home for lunch. She was having a birthday party for her grandson, and had a huge catered spread. The missionaries came with us and I took a few pictures.
These are the hosts of the party. 
The food was delicious and our centerpiece was great! 
This is the caterer cleaning the dishes.

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