Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Missionary Follow-Up

Has it really been 4 weeks since our newest missionaries joined us? Today we had 'follow-up' with them to see how they and their trainers are doing.
We had instruction then split into groups. Trainers went into one room and the newest missionaries stayed in the chapel. Within the groups, we discussed how the training is going and we answered questions. It gave us some great insight on ways we can improve.
Next we brought everyone back together and had an activity with the companionships. The activity idea came from President and Sister Carlos who were just released as Mission President of the Philippine Cauayan Mission last June. Each companionship chooses three words to describe their goal as companions for the next eight weeks - or until the end of the training period. Some of the words chosen were, "Love Is Key", "Don't Stop Believing", "Work With Fun", "Live Like Christ", and "Together We Stand."
Love this picture!
These two elders are picking up some sheets.

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