Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Christmas Packages

I have some new updates to the mailing of packages for Christmas.
Previously I said that sending packages through the postal service would take about 1-2 months. Lately we have noticed that the postal service is getting packages to us within 2-3 weeks. That is great news when you consider that you are saving money using them instead of another company like FedEx, DHL, or personally bringing the package here yourself.
(the latter comment was a joke and if I see any mother here with a package under her arm, I'll chain her to a jeepney for a fun filled day of driving on the streets of Cavite!)
-- Consider using the postal service.
-- Don't forget to write DAVIS on the bottom corner of the front of the box so we will hold the box until Christmas delivery. (front would be where you write the address.)
-- Address all mail to the Mission Office. There is always someone there to accept the mail. A security guard is here at all times, even when no missionaries are in the office.
-- Some families will put religious stickers on the box as a deterrent  to someone stealing the box or pre-opening it. I do not know if this really helps, but why not? It can't hurt. I remember doing this for our daughter when she was serving her mission in Portugal.
-- Our office missionaries will notify you by email if you want verification that the package has arrived. Leave a request with the email address posted on the side bar to the right.

-- Assuming that the postal service will get backed up during the holidays, please mail packages early to avoid your missionary receiving a Christmas box on Valentine's Day.
Keep checking back as I will add more ideas and advice as the office missionaries give me more information. Thanks!

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  1. Thank you for all these great tips! My niece is the first of many missionaries in our family, and these little tips are very helpful for us missionary-family newbies!