Friday, October 25, 2013


Once every three months we are asked to have Specialized Training. This means that we should focus on one area of the mission and have training classes, instruction, or an activity centered on that specialized area. We decided that during this quarter we would devote our Specialized Training to the Sister Missionaries, and so this week we had our first Sister's Day.
The theme of the training was S.M.I.L.E.
Sister Missionaries Influence Lives Eternally.
All sisters met at the mission home and keeping companionships together, we divided into 4 groups. Each of the groups rotated between 4 different classes:
Lock Your Heart and Smile!
Healthy and Easy Meals
Companionships That Smile
Post it Note Holder
Sister Villanueva teaching a class. 
Sister Daquila teaches as Sisters' Sevia, Leavitt, Hamm, and Halasima listen and take notes. 
Sister Paddock and Sister West teach the cooking class. 
Sisters' Paug, Montemayor, Schick, Mendiola, Sarmen, Davey, and Vanfleet at the craft table.
After the rotation of classes, we all had lunch outside on the patio.
 I couldn't forget that Halloween is next week!
Then we were honored to have Elder and Sister Jackson - he is our Area Medical Advisor - come and speak to us about physical and spiritual health.
And this is where the men hung out.
Elder Davis, President Tye, and Elder West
It was a wonderful day! It turned out that way because of these amazing sisters who helped and brought the event together.
 Sister Villanueva, Sister Vaki in the back, and Sister Daquila, Sister Cayago on their knees. These are the Sister Training Leaders who planned the day and taught classes.
 Glenda, my wonderful helper in the mission home. She is constantly cleaning up after me!
And I can not say enough about the Senior couple missionaries we have. They are always so willing to help. Sister West and Sister Paddock taught the cooking class, and Sister Davis and Sister Pugsley taught the craft class. (I feel horrible about not getting a picture of Sisters Davis and Pugsley!) They LOVE every missionary and give so much time and care to them. They are greatly appreciated!
We now have about 95 jealous Elders who are looking forward to their Specialized Training Day!
Parting shots of the sisters . . .


  1. This looks like a great activity. I can hardly wait for the Elders' turn. I hope they get cooking lessons too. i sent my missionary with recipes, but it sounds like he's not broken them out yet, probably preferring the ease of noodles. Perhaps the recipes I sent are difficult to prepare there because of lack of ingredients or proper equipment.

    Anyway, GREAT job!

  2. Susanne - it's probably both ingredients and equipment. Each apartment is supplied with only a cook stove and refrigerator. We purchased slow cookers for the sisters and the recipes we gave them were for that. I have had elders show interest in a slow cooker and we may get them one too. The members are awesome here at feeding the missionaries. And ingredients - I have had to convert most of my recipes to whatever I can find in Filipino stores. It can be done, I have become very creative!