Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Interview Time Again

October is an interview month and we visit with each of the six zones individually. This happens four times a year. On interview day we start at 11:00am and continue until all missionaries in that zone have had a chance to talk and eat. President Tye has a one on one interview with each missionary, and then they come to see me and we just chat. Usually I ask about their family, make sure they are healthy and eating well, ask if there are any needs or repairs in their apartment, check on their emergency fund, and end with a scripture.
The scripture for this interview cycle is Mormon 9:27. Moroni, the son of Mormon, sees our day and tells the unbelievers to "harken unto the words of the Lord" (be obedient), "ask the Father in the name of Jesus for what things soever ye shall stand in need" (pray), "Doubt not, but be believing" (have faith), and
"come unto the Lord with all your heart".
(be converted, commitment) 
I give each missionary a sticky heart to put on the back of their name badge. Being close to their heart, this little red heart reminds them that they should always put the Lord first and come unto Him with all their heart. The number one convert on their mission should be themselves. When you come unto the Lord with all your heart there is no desire to do evil. I also tell them that Christ will always be there to help them with any problem, any discouragement, any trial.  
Cavite Zone
October 9 - We visited and had lunch with the Cavite Zone today. Things didn't start off too well because when we got to the Rosario Chapel it was all locked up. After we found a key and carried all the food from our car into the church, we started interviews thirty minutes late. That kind of messed up the schedule for the whole day - but we still had a blast!
President and I have noticed that some of the Elders are letting their hair grow a little too long on top. We told everyone that if they came to interviews with long hair, Sister Tye would buzz it off. We thought that my inexperienced hand at cutting hair would frighten them into visiting a barber before they came, but I still ended up with 4 elders in the hot seat. 
 One of our Elders worked as a barber before his mission. His expert help was very appreciated.
After interviews were finished, President had a baptism interview with this sister. Her missionaries are by her side.
San Gabriel Zone
October 10 - We visited and had lunch with the San Gabriel Zone, and guess what? No hair cuts needed in this zone! All elders were within guidelines. This made my day a lot easier because I didn't need to cut hair and try to visit at the same time.
After interviews with the San Gabriel Zone, President had to set apart four missionaries in two other chapels. That's a lot of driving but we got'er done. This is a picture of a family who has two sons leaving tomorrow for their missions in the Philippines. Their oldest son, on  the left in the plaid shirt, just came home from his mission in San Diego. This is one busy and blessed family!
Dasmarinas Zone
October 11 - Our third day of interviews and we spent the day with the Dasmarinas Zone. There was only one elder who needed a trim, but he promised me that he would go to a barber if I would not get the razor out and give him a mission mom cut. Chicken!
My camera fogged up on this picture because of the humidity. 
Most of the Filipino Elders have never had Sloppy Joes before. They kept coming back for more so I guess they were a hit. And they loved the potato chips. 
Heart stickers on the back of their name tags to remind them to come unto the Lord with all their heart - and a reminder that the words Jesus Christ are the largest words on the front of the tag.
Cherish it!
Bacoor Zone
October 16 - Week two and here we go again. Not sure if I'm going to keep  up this great idea of feeding all the missionaries when we visit with them in the future. I am cooking all the time! And the people at the grocery store are greeting me with "Hello Sister Tye." Most mission moms just take a banana or candy bar for everyone. They are the same ones that go to bed at night and look rested in the morning. Ha! What fun is that?
 Bacoor is our largest zone with 24 missionaries. This is just half of the group.
There are a couple of missionaries in Bacoor who are allergic to beef. Today we had Teriyaki Chicken over rice. And of course, banana cupcakes. 
Looks like I still missed a few of them. Sorry about that!
President played Christmas songs while some of the missionaries sang along.
Naic Zone
October 17 - Today we are in beautiful Naic and I got to use the hair clippers again! When the other missionaries heard that I was going to cut hair, they all ran in and watched. They were so funny watching and giving pointers while I buzzed away. Their advice was, " Shorter!" and "Take off more!" I love the missionaries. They keep me laughing and loving the work.
Here are the pictures of the missionaries in Naic.
Las Pinas Zone
October 18 - Last, but certainly not least is the Las Pinas Zone. It is the smallest zone with 16 missionaries currently serving there. And I also have the fewest number of pictures for this zone.
It has been as exhausting two weeks of visits, but worth every pound of hamburger!!!
These are exceptional men and women. Their faith, determination, strength, obedience, and optimism also makes them exceptional missionaries as well. 


  1. SUPER excited to stumble upon your blog! My beautiful and amazing niece, Katie Schick is serving in the Cavite mission. We love hearing about things and seeing her sweet face pop up in a photo!

  2. I made this comment up above and just realized I put it in the wrong spot :) I wanted you to know that the cupcakes were very much appreciated and were delicious! The best my Elder has had! :) Thank you!!!!!

  3. Thank-you Sister Tye for your wonderful blog! I check in all the time and love to read what life is like in the Cavite Mission. Seeing a picture of my nephew Elder Lasley is an added bonus! Thank-you!