Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Las Pinas Zone Meeting

We joined the Las Pinas Zone today for their monthly meeting. The Zone Leaders take what they are taught at Mission Leadership Council (MLC), and present it to their Zone. The Las Pinas Zone has three districts and a total of sixteen missionaries.
 The Zone Leaders
 Role Play - missionaries know that it really helps to practice a situation first. You feel more confident after practicing it a few times - so we role play. The two missionaries in this role play are talking to another (pretend ward member)  about being a member missionary. Below is a picture of the sisters who practiced with us.
Sister missionaries teaching about coordinating with Ward members. 
This little boy is so cute. He opened the gate to the church for our car when we got there. Then he ran up to us to say hello and I gave him a few Pecos for helping us out. He went to the store to get something to eat, then he showed up at the church, sat down to listen to the meeting, and ate his treat. I got to shake his hand when we left and I believe we are now best friends.

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