Monday, October 21, 2013

One Companionship's Experience

This is part of an email that President Tye received on Monday. With permission from the Sister and her companion, I will share their experience.

"I'd like to share with you about a spiritual experience we had this past week. We were able to find a less active family that our ward clerk told us about after receiving their transferred records into our ward. We weren't planning to go to their home because we already had so many scheduled appointments that day. Of course, Heavenly Father has a plan and purpose for everything, so two of our scheduled appointments and back-up appointments were unavailable. It was then that we decided we might as well go searching for these 'new to the ward" members. Although it was raining really bad and dark enough to make it difficult to see in the Barangay area they live in, we prayed continually that we would be able to find and contact this family. We finally arrived at their house and did the whole 'tao po' process. (when missionaries go to someone's home they yell 'tao po to get the attention of who lives there because none of the homes have doorbells) The wife popped her head out the door and asked who was there. We told her it was the sister missionaries of the church and she seemed surprised and ran to the gate and let us in. The father met us in the home and was surprised because we were the first from the Church to visit them in the three years that they had lived there. We shared with them Alma 26:37, " . . . God is mindful of every people, whatsoever land they may be in. " We could see in their faces the happiness that they have. The father began to repeatedly thank us for visiting them, and nanay (the mother) cried when she offered the closing prayer. She thanked God for remembering them and for our visit to their family especially in their time of trouble. Next, the family told us about another member family living down the street who had been there for a year and were also waiting for missionaries or someone from the ward to come find them.  We are so happy to find them too. The father of this home cried as he bore his testimony and experiences about knowing the truth. We invited them to attend the General Conference Broadcast in the ward and we were so happy when they attended and watched the Broadcast."

One of the sisters in this companionship ended her email with this: "Well, about hastening the work here in Cavite Mission, if the members and leaders watched General Conference and are willing to act upon what the prophets and apostles said, then the work here is not hard! It's about commitment President. If the missionaries, members, and leaders in the wards are committed to this glorious work and do the best they can - and act - then we can all be successful in the Lord's work."

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