Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Today we are blessed with 21 new Sisters and Elders. There is no way I can post all the pictures I have taken of this group. I have about 95 of them. I will do my best to get a good mixture so that all will have a chance in the limelight.
The first place we picked up new missionaries was at the Manila airport on Tuesday evening at 11:00pm. These new recruits just left 'basic training' at the Provo MTC. Elder Woolf (AP) used his camera because mine ran out of batteries while we were waiting. He has some great pictures, one of them is of the whole group, but I have not received them yet. Keep checking and I will eventually get it posted.
 Elders Shimbashi and McLaughlin
 Sister Passey with Sister Peters and Elder Sadler in the background.
 Elder Anderson, Elder Nielsen, Sister Chamberlain, and Sister Arnson whose back is towards the camera.
 Sister Murphey, with Sister Passey, Elder Sadler, and Sister Peters in the background.

We are not allowed to go near the pick-up area of the airport until we see our missionaries walking out of baggage claim. Then we 'beg' the officers to let us go and welcome them. Everyone stares at us - a huge group of hand shaking 'n hugging Americans plus one Canadian - who are pale, exhausted, and wearing dresses, suit coats, and name tags. We certainly are a "light in the wilderness!"

After we take the Provo group to their hotel, we get a few winks of sleep and at 5:00am we are off to Manila to pick up the Manila MTC'ers.
 Before the orientation meeting starts, we let the new missionaries stand and tell us something about themselves.
 Sister Domantay from the Philippines
 Sister De La Cruz from the Philippines
Sister Wellayan from Sri Lanka
Sister Lamson from the Philippines
 Sister Failauga from Samoa
 Elder Muavesi from Fiji
Elder To'o from Australia
 Elder Haufano from New Zealand
 Elder Nielsen from the the U.S.
 Elder Goldthorpe from the U.S.
 Sister Manu from the U.S.
Sister Passey from the U.S.
 Sister Chamberlain from the U.S.
 Sister Peters from the U.S.
 Sister Arnson from the U.S.
Sister Murphey from the U.S.
 Sister Clifton from the U.S.
 Elder Sadler from the U.S.
 Elder McLaughlin from the U.S.
 Elder Shimbashi from Canada
 Elder Anderson from the U.S.
Awesome group!
Lunch Photos!
 Sister Lasalosi and Sister Chamberlain
 Sisters Cayago and Arnson
 Elders Acosta, McLaughlin and Rindlisbacher
 Elders Anderson, Baui, Lulab, Goldthorpe.
The photo bomber is Elder Baldelomar
 Elders Nielsen and Devinuwara
 Elder and Sister Davis, Elder and Sister West
If you enlarge this photo you will see the very dignified AP who is photo bombing the picture. Elder Woolf - you are so funny!

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