Tuesday, November 5, 2013


One of our AP's is leaving this transfer, so we had a good-bye dinner in his honor. Elder Yambot is one half of the first AP's we had. Together they introduced us to Cavite and mission life. They helped us through some hurdles and Elder Yambot taught us to keep smiling. Our dinner with the office staff was our way of saying thank you to an elder who has put us first over the last 4 months, and is a great example of unconditional love. I am also thankful for his example of diligence. Everywhere we went with him, he would find someone to talk with about the Gospel. When I asked him what he wanted for his thank you dinner, he said "American hamburgers."
 Around the table is President Tye, Elder Yambot, Elder Davis, Elder Crocker, Elder Woolf, Elder Oakden, and Elder Parohinog.
 I have never had such good helpers as our new AP's! After dinner they jumped right up and washed the dishes. I appreciated it so much!
Elder Parohinog (with the gun), Elder Oakden (AP), and Elder Woolf (AP)
Elder Yambot has a picture taken with the Davis'.
ERC - This is a course all leaving missionaries take to better prepare them for finding employment after their mission. It is a six hour class and is usually held two days before they go home, but this time we decided to combine the next 3 groups of returning missionaries. Below is a picture of our ERC graduates.
Sisters (l to r) Sister Vaki, Sister Daquila, Sister Cayago, Sister Paug, and Sister Mendiola
Elders (l to r): President Tye, Elder Meyer, Elder Yambot, Elder Morales, Elder Caliao, Elder Villa, and Elder Fernando.  
We have three missionaries leaving us this transfer. They are Elder Yambot, Sister Paug, and Elder Meyer. On Monday night they came over for dinner and Family Home Evening.
 Sister Paug signs the quilt.
 Sister Paug, Elder Meyer, Elder Yambot, Elder Oakden, and Elder Woolf playing the chimes during FHE.
I love this sister! Cute tie Sister Paug. 
 Elder Meyer
Elder Yambot
We will miss them!
Tuesday is activity day with the leaving missionaries. We headed to the Manila Temple to do a session, visited the American War Memorial in Manila, and got a Jamba Juice and Krispy Kreme donut.
 So many names of soldiers who gave their life for freedom in the Philippines.
 The AP's and Sister Paug enjoy Jamba Juice.
Elder Yambot has a hard time saying good-bye.

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