Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bacoor Baptisms

On November 9th, seven people became new members of the Church in Bacoor Stake. Most of them were younger children and teenagers. Elder Lasley and Elder Hora preformed the Baptisms.
 Elder Lasley in his whites, and Elder Zacarias
 I love the Filipino children
 In the Philippines,  the person who gets baptized will bare their testimony after they have changed back into their regular clothes. These two were so special. This little girl was really shy and she would lower her heard when she spoke. The young boy was also shy and he did a wonderful job too. I felt bad at the time because some of the people sitting down were not listening to either the little girl or the boy. At one point while the boy was speaking someone started to laugh. They weren't laughing at him, just laughing at something that was being said by the person sitting next to them. But this darling young boy looked so crushed, almost like he thought they were laughing at him. It broke my heart. He became even more shy, but he finished his testimony. I wanted to tell him that even though I could not understand Taglog, I was listening and the Spirit told me what a fine young man he is. I wonder if the people who were talking during his testimony heard the Spirit's whispers?
 One of the families made some soup to eat after the Baptism. I thought this little young lady was so pretty.
Elder Zacarias and Elder Lasley
On November 16th, there were 2 baptized in the Bacoor building - one investigator and one child of record. Sister Vaki and Sister Daquila were the missionaries.

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