Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Today we went on a shopping spree with the Sister missionaries and the Senior Couple who came to us from Tacloban. During the typhoon they lost everything and while they stayed at the Manila MTC they were able to pick out some clothing from donations supplied by members and the local leaders of the Church. Everyone has been so wonderful to care and provide for these missionaries who have been through so much physically and emotionally.
Our shopping trip today gave them the opportunity to receive all the things they still needed. It was made possible by the loving donation of money from a family member. I am still touched that this husband and wife lovingly gave so much to help these missionaries get a good start on their transfer to the Cavite Mission. I told them to get whatever they needed and we spent five hours doing just that! By the end we were exhausted, but 3 Sisters and the Senior Couple had new shoes, luggage, skirts, shirts, belts, umbrellas, journals, make-up, and under clothing.
 Sister Zaballa
 Sister Sorronda
Sister Sorronda, Sister Tierra, and Sister Zaballa
While at the store, we ran into the Elders who were also shopping. On the far left is Sister Maxfield, (from Tacloban), Elder Cole, Elder Espinoza, Elder Johnson, (from Tacloban), and Elder Teitiewa 
Finding shoes 
 Our cashiers
What a kind thing to do. This made these missionaries so happy.
Thank you!
Worn out

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  1. I am so glad the missionaries are being taken care of. All I can do is pray for them. We dropped our son off at the MTC a day before the Typhoon hit. (He's coming Dec 16th) I've been watching and praying for those most affected by Yolanda.