Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sorry For The Inconvenience

It seems to be a common occurrence in the Philippines that while driving you come upon a huge traffic jam. Many times the drivers heading one way will get tired of waiting, and start filling in the driving lanes that are normally meant for oncoming traffic. In other words, a four lane road can quickly become a 'ONE WAY' four lane road. After sitting in the car waiting for the mess to clear up, you will eventually get to the cause of the delay - and it always starts with a sign that says, "Sorry For The Inconvenience." Although that is very nice of the road crew to apologize, it would have been nice to tell us that there was an "Inconvenience" a few miles back and we could have tried to avoid the mess by taking an alternative route.
It even happens at the Temple!
Underground walkway to the Manila Temple from the Manila MTC. 
This was posted outside the bathroom (CR) at the Jollibee.
(Jollibee is a fast food restaurant)
So I'm letting you know "a few miles back", that this blog is suffering from a Sorry For The Inconvenience! I know there are some of you who check daily to see if there are any new updates - but I am stalled in the middle of the road and I'm trying to get my battery started again. I realize that behind me there is a pileup of two weeks worth of pictures and mission happenings. But before you know it, I will get the old chassis moving again and the updates and pictures will appear. Yippee! 


  1. We do love your blog and look forward with great anticipation each new post. However, with all you do, this blog should be the least of your concerns. Especially with the new, unexpected arrivals you've been welcoming and putting to work. Keep up the good work!
    Susanne Matina

  2. Just when I start feeling sorry for myself for everything that needs to be done and isn't getting done, I read your blog and get a really good wake-up-call. I just need to get "Dana organized". Hope you received my e-mail "epistle". It is a blessing to read of all the happenings in the Cavite Mission. You are in our hearts and prayers.