Friday, December 20, 2013

Welcome Lunch And Meeting

Our newest missionaries met at the Molino Chapel for orientation. We started with lunch and then we introduced them to their first companions and trainers.
The ones from the Provo MTC were so tired! Their flight did not land in Manila until 3:00am. After checking into the hotel, they only had 2 hours of sleep before they had to get ready for a new day. With the usual jet lag and lack of sleep, they were trying their best to stay awake. Oh how I love the missionaries! They never fail to be an example of devotion and faith. Think of an 18+ year old entering a foreign country, meeting someone they don't know - who will be their sole companion for the next 12 weeks, then Christmas is a week away and you miss your family, and add to that exhaustion.
All of them fill out a questionnaire when they arrive and one of the questions is, "What is the primary reason you are serving a mission?" A few of the responses from this new batch were:
 "I came on a mission so that others could receive the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I want others to be happy like I am."
"I feel I owe to give 1 1/2 years of my life as a tithing to the Lord. I have a strong testimony and have seen the blessings it brings to my life. I want others to experience it as well - the love of God."
"1) To teach others about the things that give me peace. 2) To become a worthy husband and father."
"I prayed to know if I should serve. I received the answer that I needed to leave home because I could help so many people."
"Because it was my dream when I was a little boy. To forget myself and Go To Work."
I believe we will see great things happen in Cavite because of the missionaries we have serving here.
 Sister 'Eteaki
Sister Seleue, Sister Fa'alogo, Sister Aukitino
 The two new missionaries in this picture are the two in the foreground - Sister Mitsvotai, and Sister Calder.
 Elder Leaupepetele, Elder Roberts, Elder Park, Elder Dennison

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