Thursday, December 12, 2013

Training The Trainers

Another transfer is quickly approaching and so it is time to train our newest trainers. Because we are a new mission, most of our trainers were just trained themselves not too long ago. We have no doubt that during the last five months we have been sent the best - so that they would be here when we needed good strong leaders to serve as trainers.
(a prize will be awarded to the person who guesses the correct amount of times the word 'Train', in any form, has been used in the above paragraph and post title)
 The assistants look over the Trainers Handbook while President gets ready to start the meeting.
Elder Christensen and Elder Calaunan 
 Sister Halasima, Sister Sevia, Sister Zaballa
 Sister Vanfleet and Sister Folau
 Sister Tabayay and Sister Saavedra are freezing. They found a sheet to keep warm while Sister Tye enjoys the air conditioner.
I LOVE the color of the ties in this picture!
Elder Manlulu, Elder Barney, Elder Espinoza, Elder Rindlisbacher
Counting this group, we currently have 46 elders and sisters that are training new missionaries. Wowzerie! That should give you an idea of how fast the Cavite mission is growing . . . and how much we love and depend upon these missionaries as trainers!

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  1. My son will be in that new batch! Elder Jackson leaves the MTC Dec. 16th. Tell him he needs to write! And give him a hug.